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What to Expect

Emails with every release.  Pre-planning emails to clients (e.g. noon daily) is an insult to clients and the concept of line value.  You'll receive emails whenever Krackman gets down on games.  There could be a couple a day or more.  Each email will have 1 or more bet recommendations.  All bet sizes are 1 unit, unless otherwise specified. 

No write-ups or analysis.  Just games to bet shared via rotation numbers and team names and odds.

Krackman gets down on all types of games in all types of sports.  Full games, first halves, props, etc.  Sides and totals.  Pro and college football, baseball, pro and college basketball, single-player matchups (such as golf) and more.  

Also, as an added bonus, all of Krackman's clients will receive an exclusive discount code to Krackman's highest recommended NFL handicapper, Warren Sharp.  Warren Sharp's NFL totals have delivered a record of over 60% for 11 years running, including 70% the last 2 years.  His recommendations are delivered weekly with detailed write-ups and analysis.  The only way to get a discount on Warren's recommendations is through a membership to KrackWins.

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You'll get the games that Krackman bets himself, every day of the week. Krackman bets most of the prime sports, such as football (pro and college), basketball (pro and college) and baseball, but also bets on many smaller markets such as props, golf matchups, WNBA and much more. Limits are lower, but where there is value and Krackman has an edge, he will be betting.

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